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Inside Universes , by Carol Rahal

Digital, color, manipulated photography

Signed certificate of authenticity included

Limited edition of 50 photographs per size

Universos de Dentro is a dream research on the urban landscape that I have been carrying out since 2017, seeking to create representations in the windows of the buildings that are part of my walks through the streets of the cities. They are autobiographical fragments that deal with the relationship of human beings in cities, about their disconnection with nature, their memory and the feeling of constant lack and loneliness. As a wandering traveler, I capture several images with the camera that, together, like a puzzle in post-production, enable the construction of narratives that transgress the real to flirt with the fictional and the extraordinary, inviting the viewer to look at the characters who live in these "concrete mountains" as mirrors to reflect on their own feelings and living conditions in the metropolises.


  • Obra disponível no formato horizontal. 

    Certificado de autenticidade + Nota Fiscal

    Tamanhos disponíveis para compra no site*:

    • 100 (L) x 36 (A) cm  | Tiragem: 1/30
    • 120 (L) x 43 (A) cm | Tiragem: 1/30

    *Disponíveis com e sem moldura. 

    Tamanhos personalizados, favor entrar em contato pelo e-mail para cotar orçamento. 


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