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Trieste Photo Days 



The Photo Days Tour 2022, the frame of events taking place outside Trieste during the Trieste Photo Days festival, stops off in Palmanova’s gunpowder magazine Polveriera Napoleonica with an international collective exhibition entirely dedicated to creativity in Photography: Palmanova Creativa.
The exhibition, originated from the partnership between Trieste Photo Days and the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Palmanova, aims to celebrate Palmanova’s 5 years as a UNESCO City.
Exhibited you will find a broad selection of creative, experimental, abstract and conceptual photographs, taken from four projects conceived by dotART and Exhibit Around APS, the associations promoting the festival.
Photographs by authors from all over the world, competing in the international contest URBAN Photo Awards 2022, will dialogue with images proceeding from WOW – Worlds of Women, a collective project dedicated to the female universe and the thousands of galaxies inhabiting it.
Moreover, on display you will also find the works of the project Mythography, freely inspired by two gods of the Latin pantheon: Apollo (representing the themes of color and light) and Pluto (symbolizing night photography, black & white, shadows and silhouettes).
In the end, you will find a section of local photographers, dedicated to the City of Palmanova, with photographs taken from PixAround FVG 2022, and in particular from the 24ORE di Fotografia held in the city last summer.


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